Quality Control

Final product quality and consistency are what matters to your bottom line. Without the proper manufacturing equipment the likelihood is very low for the average company to produce a consistent blend.  The myriad of chemical formulas and the complexities involved in processing a final product make toll blending an easy choice for many companies.


Testing ingredients as they come into the processing facility ensures that every batch uses chemicals with the exact same concentration and chemical composition. This prevents problems from occurring later in the blending process. Testing the final batch of product for relevant chemical, physical, and functional properties using high-grade equipment such as a spectrophotometer ensures the product you receive is exactly what you ordered.


Precision weighing and measurement with ultra sensitive balances and calibration equipment ensures a smooth consistent blend. High speed dispersers, dryers, evaporators, paddle mixers, baggers, blenders and canning/bottling lines are all included in the costly equipment you will find in a high quality blending facility.

Some companies specialize in powder blending, while others focus on liquid chemical blending, in both cases working with a knowledgeable quality control team is critical to a successful batch.


Proper quality control further requires considering everything from viscosity, alkalinity/acidity, materials handling and storage, proper packaging (ABS, glass, bags, etc.), and even quantity. Some formulas require adding a chemical while others require removing a chemical, some have a short shelf life, while others can be stored for years.


Proximity manufacturing and warehousing is increasingly common these days, with even relatively small companies partnering up with toll blending companies to create processing and storage plants at or near their own facilities. This not only gives your own chemists and quality control teams better access to the process, but saves a fortune in shipping and transportation costs.