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Floor finishes, (sometimes called floor wax) are typically special water based coatings made with a blend of natural waxes (plant based-carnuba etc.,) and synthetically derived copolymer blends. 

Custom Chemical Corporation carries a full line of floor finishes that produce an excellent "off the mop" shine and gloss retention. Using exclusive DHL technology, these floor finishes will impart a high gloss finish with fewer coats than other existing finishes. All of Custom's floor finishes are combination sealers and floor finishes that have exceptional response to UHS burnishing. 

Custom Chemical Corporation produces floor finish strippers that are formulated to "unlock" the chemistry of our DHL technology allowing the liquified finish to be removed with minimal effort. 

Carpet cleaners are typically formulated using solvents, surfactants and detergents blended into a water based solution. Custom's Oxy-O line of carpet care products are super concentrates blended with "Polar Soap Technology" that includes only what the professional needs. Oxy-O products are diluted with water at the time of use for an effective, economical solution for carpet and textile cleaning requirements. 

DHL: Dimensional Hygroscopic Linear Technology is a trademarked proprietary chemistry that utilizes a self adhering flowable composite incorporated into the resin-matrix blend.